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Magical Sempai PVC Statue 1/7 Sempai 23 cm

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  • Serial number: BLF24281
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A figure of the Magic club captain \"SEMPAI\" is now available!

From the TV animation \"MAGICAL SEMPAI\", \"SEMPAI\" who shows off magic tricks on the stage has been made into a 1/7 scale figure.

\"SEMPAI\" wearing a top hat and a cloak, holding a walking stick, and performing a magic trick was modeled.
Using the popping doves, paper tape, scattered playing cards, and a pedestal with a checkerboard pattern that imitates the stage, we are creating the world of \"SEMPAI\"\'s magic tricks.
Please pay attention to the cute expression and glamorous figure of \"SEMPAI\" who show off magic tricks.
Let\'s support the magic of \"\"SEMPAI\"\" together!\"