Zack Snyder\'s Justice League Statue 1/4 Superman Black Suit 65 cm

  • EAN: 9420024737484
  • Serial number: WETA740103748
Weta Workshop is thrilled to suit up and join Zach Snyder\'s Justice League. To celebrate the release of this highly anticipated version, our sculptors have been busy bringing superheroes and supreme villains to life as highly emotive sculptures. Fans of the popular DC Extended Universe campaigned for Zack Snyder to direct his original vision of the film reuniting characters from the original DC comics.

The Man of Steel returns, rising from death to seize victory from the ruins of defeat.

The signature superhero of the DC Universe, Superman returns wearing the iconic black version of his costume in Zack Snyder\'s Justice League.


- 1:4 scale figure in high quality polystone
- Portrays the most well-known superhero of them all - Superman, in an iconic black suit with the \"S\" emblazoned on his chest.
- The Man of Steel is raised off the ground with outstretched arms and balled fists
- 2 x Swappable heads with different facial expressions and LED light-up eyes
- Sculpture\'s concept creation under Zack\'s vision and direction
- Prototype digitally sculpted by Weta Workshop artist, Mauro Santini
- Unique base design featuring additional \"Zack Snyder\'s Justice League\" plaque for display at collector\'s preference.
- Stands at approx. 25\" tall

Product size: 47 x 65 x 38 cm

Please note: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are expected to occur.