Yattodetaman PVC / Diecast Action Figure Riobot Daikyojin & Daitenba 15 - 16 cm

  • EAN: 4571335880521
  • Serial number: SEN46394
From \"Timebokan Series Yattodetaman\", the giant robot \"Daikyojin & Daitenba\" appears in RIOBOT series!!

\"Daikyojin\" can transform into flight mode \"Kyojin-go\", while \"Daitenba\" can transform into tank mode \"Daitenba Sensha\".

Furthermore, by combining \"Daikyojin\" and \"Daitenba\", you can reproduce \"Daibajin\" and \"Daibajin Sensha\" form.

\"Daibajin\" has two ways of combination, by folding up towards the back like toys from the past or by removing the legs as in the anime.