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Unruly Designer Series Vinyl Statue King Charles (dull.) 23 cm

  • EAN: 747720244320
  • Serial number: UNIN700112
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The King Charles designer toy by artist dull. gives an entirely new meaning to cutting the deck! Inspired by French playing card designs, this regal black and gold figure is perfectly suited for any display.

Artist Statement: This piece takes a globally recognizable image, the King of Hearts, and flips it on its head- or is that his bottom?- bringing to the third dimension a twisted version of King Charles - The Suicide King.

Artist Bio: dull. is a vinyl toy artist with a passion for all things odd and unobservable. Late nights in desert wastelands and urban landscapes laid the groundwork for a mind that wants to create anything creepy, kooky, or psychedelic. Don\'t expect more of a bio than that, because he\'s really dull.