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Universal Monsters ReAction Action Figure Ardeth Bey 10 cm

  • EAN: 840049807945
  • Serial number: SUP7-RE-UNIVW03-ABM-01
Imhotep has risen, and walks among us as Ardeth Bay, a mysterious Egyptian historian who is desperate to resurrect his forbidden love, the princess Ank-su-namun. This 3.75\" articulated Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ardeth Bay shows the Mummy in his human guise, complete with his fez. Bey is so desperate to reincarnate his love, he\'s willing to kill a woman in order to resurrect her as his immortal bride, which, of course, is more than a little problematic. Legend has it that you can help keep Helen in the world of the living by adding the Universal Monsters ReAction figure of Ardeth Bay to your collection!