Transformers ReAction Action Figure Wave 4 Hot Rod 10 cm

  • EAN: 840049809512
  • Serial number: SUP7-RE-TRANW04-HRD-01
Impulsive and headstrong, Hot Rod may not seem like leadership material, but his time will come. This 3.75\" articulated Transformers ReAction figure of Hot Rod features his The Transformers: The Movie color scheme and comes with two photon laser blaster accessories. Galvatron and Unicron stand between Hot Rod and his destiny as leader of the Autobots, but nothing stands between you and adding the Hot Rod ReAction figure to your collection!

- As featured in the 1986 film The Transformers: The Movie
- Hot Rod became leader of the Autobots after Optimus Prime
- Includes a pair of photon laser blaster accessories
- 3.75\" scale action figure with five points of articulation
- Collect the entire line of Transformers ReAction figures by Super7!