The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Legends Retro Action Figure 2022 Marvel\'s Apocalypse 15 cm

  • EAN: 5010994140670
  • Serial number: HASF3446
Look upon the future and tremble! He is Apocalypse, the world\'s most powerful mutant, and from the ashes of our world he will build a better one.

MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Marvel\'s Apocalypse figure features textured sculpt and deco inspired by the character\'s classic appearances throughout Marvel Comics and includes an alternate head, alternate hands, blast effect, and plasma laser cannon

PREMIUM POSABILITY AND ARTICULATION: This 6-inch Legends Series Marvel\'s Apocalypse figure features extensive articulation, offering dynamic posability with other Marvel Legends figures

RETRO CARD PACKAGING: Includes retro-style cardback inspired by the classic Marvel Toy Biz designs