Pokémon TCG Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection Display *English Version*

  • EAN: 820650818998
  • Serial number: PCI-Q2-EN-TCD
Research Your Next Strategy-with Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper guides new Pokémon Trainers as they begin their journey, and in the Pokémon TCG, her in-depth research can help you find the cards you need to succeed. In this premium collection, you get a full playset of the Professor\'s Research Supporter card featuring Professor Juniper, plus a protective deck box, card sleeves, coin, and more tournament-ready accessories. You\'ll also find a stack of Pokémon TCG booster packs and a code that unlocks another full playset of Professor\'s Research in Pokémon TCG Live.

This display contains 4 packs.

Each pack contains:

1x Full Art Foil Card
3x Foil Card
1x Pack of 65 Card Sleeve
1x Deck Box
1x Coin
2x Coin Condition Marker
6x Dice
7x Booster Packs
1x Code Card

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