Harry Potter D!Y Super Dough Modelling Clay Minerva McGonagall

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  • Serial number: SDTWRN89959
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SD TOYS presents: Do !T Yourself! - Super Dough

A new collection that will allow you to model your favorite characters from Comics, TV Series and Movies.

Super Dough is a material that gets dry and hard after some minutes, it is extremely light and, in comparision to other modelling clays, it doesn´t loose its bright colours.

And what if you don´t like the result? No problem at all! Just add a little bit of water: Super Dough will recover its flexibility and you can re-model your figure even if it is completely dry.

With our modelling kits you get everything you need to model your favourite figure.

And if you think that modelling with Super Dough is difficult, forget about it! Our step-by-step videos will show you how easy it is. You can have a look at our Do iT Yourself channel here.