Funko POP! Blind Box Juli 2020 Bundle + 40 x Ultimate Guard Protective Case Big Size

  • EAN: 37145115
  • Serial number: HEOFKBOXLD0720-BUNDLE
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The limited Blind Box contains 72 Funko POP! items. The buying price of 270 € / £245.70 reflects to a wholesale price of more than 660 € / £600.

The box does not contain duplicate items.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited stock available, allocations are expected to occur. Shipping can not be combined with other items.

With this bundle, you\'ll get, in addition to the Blind Box, a pack of 40 Ultimate Guard Protective Cases for Funko POP! figures Big Size (UGD010915, wholesale price 46,04 € / £41.90) for free!