Fireman Sam Card Game UNO Junior

  • EAN: 0194735037650
  • Serial number: MATTHFC80
This simplified UNO® Junior card game for younger players is infused with graphics from the pre-school series, Fireman Sam, featuring bright colors and pictures of Sam and his friends. Three levels of play allow the game to keep pace with a child\'s development. Level One is simple matching, Level Two adds Reverse and Skip cards to the fun, and Level Three includes Draw 1 and Draw 2 cards to really pick up the pace. Just like regular UNO®, players race to get rid of all their cards by matching them to the card shown on top of the deck, either by color, number and, especially handy for younger players, CHARACTER! Sam matches Sam, and Ellie matches Ellie. When you\'re down to one card, don\'t forget to yell \"UNO!\"

- Players: 2-4
- Age: 3+
- Multilingual instructions