Fantastic Beasts 2 Newt Scamander\'s Light Painting Wand

  • EAN: 4006333062780
  • Serial number: WOWS209456010
Newt Scamander\'s Light Painting Wand: it\'s becoming magical!

Whether \"Expelliarmus\" or \"Expecto Patronum\": With Newt\'s Light Painting Wand any fan now becomes a Hogwarts student and is able to put their magic spell abilities to the test. The original film prop was laser scanned to create a replica of the magic wand, which was then cast from high grade resin and lovingly hand painted. The brightly shining LED tip draws shapes, pictures and words in the air. The free-of-charge app enables these works to be stored and shared on social networks. Nobody who is still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts should miss out on this unique gift for fans aged six and above!


- Magic wand with light
- Laser-scan of the original film prop
- Cast from high grade resin and hand-painted
- Draw pictures, write words or re-enact scenes
- LED tip
- Free-of-charge app for iOS and Android for saving or sharing creations
- Length: 30 cm
- Age recommendation: 6 years+