Disney Book Series D-Stage PVC Diorama Cinderella 13 cm

  • EAN: 4711203447344
  • Serial number: BKDDS-115
The many female characters from the world Disney have fascinated and inspired generations of fans for decades! Each generation has its own favorite character to call all its own, and with each new story creating legends in their own right! Inspired from the pages of many famous books, Disney has created a huge library of famous Characters with unique stories! With this in mind, Beast Kingdom\'s \'Entertainment Experience Brand\' proudly introduces four \'Story Book\' dioramas under the D-Stage, \'Staging Your Dreams\' brand.

Bringing the magical innocence of books to life, the Storybook series recreates famous scenes in carefully crafted and painted designs. A perfect opportunity to own a three dimensional wonder from the fantastical world of Disney!

The story of Cinderella follows a young, but determined girl that wants more than anything to go to the ball! Wearing a pair of magical glass shoes, and transforming into a beautiful princess, her night is turned upside down when the clock strikes midnight, sending her into a frenzy of outlandish events! The diorama sees the elegant Cinderella walking down the stairs whilst the Grand Duke can be seen chasing her in the background!