Devil May Cry 5 Action Figure 1/12 Nero 16 cm --- DAMAGED PACKAGING

  • EAN: 24211561
  • Serial number: SEN20191103NDAP
Damaged packaging

The devil hunter \"Nero\" appears as 1/12 scale action figure!


- This is a stylish action figure \"Nero\" which features perfect balance of realistic modeling and wide articulation range!
- Newly developed action frame is built into this 1/12 scale figure \"Nero\".
- The coat is made of cloth to minimize hinderance to articulation and the torn right sleeve is faithfully reproduced. Built-in wire is able to add stylish looks to the cloth.
- \"Provoking face\" with a despising smile and \"Angry face\" during an intense battle are also included.
- Weapon parts \"Red Queen\" and \"Blue Rose\" are included.
- Apart from the default \"Overture\", \"Devil Breaker\" on his right arm also comes with \"Gerbera\", \"Helter Skelter\" and \"Punch Line\" so you can enjoy it in 4 combinations.

Sword holding hand (LR) x 1, Gun holding hand (LR) x 1, Open hand (LR) x 1, Provoking face x 1, Angry face x 1, Red Queen x 1, Blue Rose x 1, Gerbera x 1, Punch Line x 1, Helter Skelter x 1, Display stand x 1

Damaged packaging. Product itself is not damaged