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DC Comics Museum Line Statue 1/4 Batman 60 cm

  • EAN: 6972662530741
  • Serial number: QS-BAT-STATUE-ML
To avenge his murdered parents, Bruce Wayne has declared war against every criminal in Gotham City. He is the night, he is justice, he is Batman. Batman is one of the most popular characters within the DC universe, a symbol of justice and all that is right. Ever since the tragic killings of his parents, the Batman has vowed to keep the streets of Gotham clean. And this Queen Studios\' Museum Line Batman 1/4 scale statue pays tribute to one of the most incorruptible characters ever created.

The Museum Line Series is a joint artistic venture by Queen Studios and Russian 3D artist Maria Panfilova designed to resemble real world Monuments. Taking inspiration from Greek/American style architecture and sculptures, these collectibles aim to capture modern day heroes in the same way sculptors from centuries gone by would have captured gods and icons of the age.

This Museum Line Batman 1/4 scale statue is licensed by DC and stands at 60 cm tall. The Batman is stood proud, shrouded underneath his cape, waiting for the terrors of the night to appear. He is stood upon a plinth, like that of an Ancient Greek statue or bust. The texture of This Museum Line Batman 1/4 scale statue is made to resemble and feel like carved marble.

- Size: 60 x 24 x 24 cm