Breakin ReAction Action Figure 3-Pack Metallic 10 cm

  • EAN: 840049816428
  • Serial number: SUP7-RE-BRKNW01-PCK-03
Show those uptight Broadway-types that some dancers have so much heart and soul that it can\'t always be contained by a stuffy dance studio! This Breakin\' Boombox 3-pack features slipcase packaging that resembles an old-school boombox and includes special edition metallic ReAction figures of Ozone, Turbo (with broom accessory), and Special K. The Breakin\' Boombox 3-pack will have you poppin\' and lockin\' and breakin\' your way to a giant dose of 80\'s nostalgia. If you want your collection to be truly Fresh, then you should order the Breakin\' Boombox ReAction 3-pack!


- 1x Ozone
- 1x Special K
- 1x Turbo