Black Rock Shooter PVC Statue 1/8 Black Rock Shooter: Inexhaustible Ver. 46 cm - Damaged packaging

  • EAN: 16636593844694
  • Serial number: GSC94240WMS1DAP
10th BRS inexhaustible

Presenting a brand new scale figure from \"BLACK ROCK SHOOTER\".
Based on the 10th Anniversary illustration \"10th BRS inexhaustible\", the figure features Black Rock Shooter stood atop the Rock Cannon as it fires into the ground with a brilliant blue light.

The base features a light source that acts as indirect lighting for the whole figure. The faint glow of the crystallized blue flames and her mechanical wings have been faithfully brought into figure form.

It stands approx. 46 cm tall and comes with base in a window box packaging.

USB Cable included (USB Type-A to Micro-B).
*USB cable can be plugged into USB power source to turn on lighting