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Bat-Family Multi-Part Statue Batgirl 21 cm (Part 2 of 5)

  • EAN: 761941356457
  • Serial number: DCCOCT180632
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Following the success of the Teen Titans Multi-Part Statue, DC Collectibles is back with a new line of combinable statues, this time featuring the Bat-Family! This new set features five statues that can be posed individually or combined into a massive showpiece. The second piece of this set is the Darknight Damsel, Batgirl! Bounding into the Gotham City sky atop a gargoyle with a grapnel gun in her hand, Batgirl is ready for any challenge the night may bring her. This polyresin statue is a standout by itself, but when combined with the rest of the Bat Family statues, Batgirl becomes an enviable piece of a collector\'s showcase. Limited to 5,000 pieces. Statue measures 21 cm tall.

Sculpted By Chris Dahlberg.